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A very easy to use linkedin email finder, our software allows you to
capture email prospects based on job role and location targeting.

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How to find emails from Linkedin


Target Audience

Select your target audience based on job title, locations and industry keyword settings. Broad selection finds more email addresses. Where as niche selection finds less but quality emails.


Find Emails from Linkedin

Click on "Start" button and let the email extractor online software find emails from linkedin based on choosen targeting options. You'd see 1000s of targeted email results adding up in front of you.


Save emails

Once the software completes its search process, you will see an option to Save emails as CSV. Export all the captured email leads along with their name and other info, into a CSV file.

How to find emails from Linkedin
Video Tutorial

How to find emails from Linkedin
Use Cases

Looking for a solution that helps you find emails from linkedin? But not sure which software to rely on? Email extractor online is a very easy to use software that allows you to find email leads based on their job title and location information. Once you have found several email leads, you can cold email them with a short personalized email, giving an intro and asking them if they would be interested in knowing more about your services. Interested people would respond back and these email prospects would become your warm email leads. You can approach them further with a follow up email asking them about their exact requirement and how your solution can solve their problems and take away their headache.

You can use various cold email marketing services such as Mailshake or Sendgrid to target the email proscpects captured using email extractor online software. Within minutes you will see 100s of email prospects filling up on your screen. The emails are collected of only those people who have written their email on their about me section on different websites, thus they are allowing people to approach them in their specific interest.

Useful for...

Email Marketers

Find emails quickly and easily with email extractor online software. Whenever in need of new high quality prospects, you can start using our software.

Business Owners

Looking to expand your business but don't know where to build your prospects? Try email extractor online to build your high quality email prospect list.

Sales Reps/Execs

Need email prospects for your next sale? Use email extractor online to find 1000s of email prospects that fall in your sales pipeline.

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