Date: July 28th, 2019

When you think about Linkedin, you can think of all the possibilites of how you can grow your professional career. It could be for a job, or a business, sales or marketing.

Linkedin Email Extractor Online

We all know that it's the perfect place for businesses to collaborate, hire experts in their fields, connect with prospects and get work done!

Now just imagine combining this targeted professional audience from linkedin with email marketing. What if you could approach 1000s of these professional prospects over email to collaborate for work, investment, sales or marketing! Wouldn't that sky rocket your growth? Affecting your business development in unparalleled ways.

What if you could get access to the email leads of professionals in your niche? If you are looking for a solution like that then you are at the right place!

We bring to you Email Extractor Online. A very easy to use lead capturing tool that collects 1000s of valid email leads for you on automation.

All it asks you is for few keywords to specify your audience. These keywords include Job positions and locations. Locations include both country and cities.

Linkedin Email Extractor

Once you have specified your audience targeting, simply click on start button to execute your queries.

As simple as it sounds!

After you submit your search query, the software will go on search engines and scrape lead profiles that match your query. Based on that matching, it will present a list of valid email leads with their names and current company.

You can create various combinations of keywords to capture different type of audiences.

For example, you may want to capture the Chief Marketing Officers present in California and New York but you may then want to capture the Chief Executive Officers present in San Francisco. You can even do that. Just play around with these variables to get optimized results.

If you don't find a particular keyword in the drop down menu then simply type that keyword and hit enter. The software will accept your keywords and start extracting leads.

In job title menu, you can enter a single position only. No commas allowed. 

In Country menu, you can select a single country only.

In Cities menu, you can select upto 3 cities at a time.

That way you can target your niche audience and generate email leads on automation using Email Extractor Online Software. These email leads can be used for your targeted drip email campaigns and thus lead to conversions.

Get started today with the free trial of email extractor online and see how it works out for you!






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