Date: July 31st, 2019

Lead generation strategies are in short ways to quickly amass a good amount of leads that are interested in becoming your customers. There are various methods through which you can generate very high quality leads. While some methods may work for you, others might not.


4 effective lead generation strategies

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A lot of these lead generation strategies have to do with the type of audience you are looking to target. Different people with their different tastes and interests are present on different platforms and you need to target the audience on those platforms efficiently enough to get yourself a good amount of leads in a cost effective manner. As for example, a person who wants to stay updated with latest trends would be on Twitter and not Instagram and if that person falls in your targeted audience then you need to target Twitter instead of Instagram. Targeting varies as per your audience.

Now, to move ahead with how we can generate good quality leads, let's look at 4 effective lead generation strategies that can help you hit the home run:


1. Email marketing using an Email Extractor Software:

email extractor software facts and figures

Email marketing has proven to be one of the highest converting marketing channels currently known to a human. But you need high quality and high quantity leads to shoot your email marketing campaigns to.

An email extractor software is a lead hunter tool. Such a tool will go on to various websites to capture or scrape the email leads that match your target audience profile. They are great at automating email lead extraction and in minutes you can end up with 1000s of good quality email leads.

If you prefer to do cold email marketing or simply individual cold emailing then you should definitely use such a lead extraction software because not only do they save you time, but they also save you ample amount of money. They are cost effective in their approach and thus you are good to go the moment you have leads at your disposal.

If your target audience falls in B2B lead generation category, or basically if you want professional email leads then you should try out tools such as Email Extractor Online. Such a tool is great for capturing quality email leads of professionals from Linkedin and other web resources.

By quality here we mean recent name and company details along with their email leads. With such high quality data, you can personalize your email marketing campaigns better. More personalized an email is, more is the chance of that lead converting into a customer. You need to stay regular in your email marketing campaigns and their follow-ups.

There are various other email extractor softwares out there in the market to try out such as and clearbit. But they can be a bit costly. So, it solely depends on how you wish to proceed ahead with email extraction method.

Let's move on to the second lead generation strategy!


2. Lead Generation through SEO:

SEO is not a new term and I assume that you are already aware about seo when it comes to search presence online and its benefits.

Lead generation through seo

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In short, better SEO (Search engine optimization) results in better search rankings for keywords that people search on Google and other search engines.

It is a well known fact that 86% of the people won't even go to 2nd page of the google search results because whatever the users are looking for is present on 1st page. So almost all the traffic gets converted on 1st page. It becomes a major source of revenue for a business if they are present on 1st page of google search for a keyword that has good amount of search volume.

Now, search volume is the amount of times people search for that keyword in a month. More search volume means that more people are searching for that particular keyword and if you are on 1st page, then more people will be visiting your website.

For some successful websites, almost 70-75% traffic comes from SEO. When a visitor is coming on your website via Google, it means that they are already looking for that solution or service and you can offer them that solution. So once they are on your website and have spent more than a minute, use a newsletter popup software and ask them to subscribe for your newsletter. If they are interested, they would enter their email address. You can then follow up with them over email to start the conversation and convert them with your offerings that they can't ignore.

To improve your SEO, use tools such as Keywords everywhere. It helps in figuring out how much search volume does a keyword have. Then make a group of keywords that you want to target. Then add content and text on your website that can help you rank higher in Google searches.

For the popup software, you can use tools such as OptinMonster or Icegram. They have a good variety of very beautifully designed newsletter popups that you can add onto your website and see the conversions happening instantly.

Also try to form few backlinks on other websites for your targeted keywords. You can add links to your website in comment sections on blogs or do guest PR blogs to get a strong backlink of your website. More backlinks help google list you on top.


3. Lead Generation using Social Media ads:

Social media ads have always proven to be the killer in terms of getting quality email leads. We cannot deny the fact that they almost always have great results when it comes to getting good quality leads.

Lead generation using social media ads

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However, social media ads don't come cheap. You need to have a good budget for the same. The reason for why you need to have good budget is the fact that there are a ton of competitors who want a piece of the pie. Every other business in your space could be seen competing on social media for the same targeted audience that you want.

So, you need to play smart here. You should always focus on lead generation when it comes to social media ads and not just vanity metrics. Here's what happens. When people run ads on a platform such as Facebook, they think that bringing visitors on their website would be great as more visitors means more leads. But that's not always the case. Social media audience is a bit different in terms of their content grasping abilities. They tend to stay on the app and don't want to leave it. So the amount of conversions decrease and you end up paying more for the amount of leads you generate.

To counteract this problem, facebook and linkedin recently released lead ads. They are a very indigenous way of capturing the attention of a prospect and then converting them into a lead.

The ad goes as follows: It will show some interesting content that you have added in the ad. The interested prospects will then click on the ad. The ad won't take the user to any other website and instead a form will open up in front of the user that will ask them basic information from them such as name, email, age, interest etc. The user trusts Facebook or Linkedin more than your website and will instantly enter their information. Thus you will end up having a lot of detailed info on people who are interested in your solution. Although this method may not be the most cost-effective approach, but you are surely going to enjoy the quality results at the end of the campaign.


4. Lead Generation through forums:

lead generation quora forum

Forum websites are a wealth of highly targeted audiences in a niche. They are designed to solve the issues of people. People have concerns that's why they are looking for a solution. And maybe your solution could help them.

If you have a particular type of niche for your business such as car repair, then search on google "car repair forums" and you will find a ton of forum websites where people have asked questions that you can answer and win them as leads.

Simply go one by one and answer people genuinely with an interest to help them. This won't only help them get the solution (which would be yours) but also build the trust that a customer needs before they purchase anything from a stranger.

We all need trust. It's the most fundamental step before a sale takes place. That trust can be built on other websites too such as Quora where you have hundreds of questions by people on similar lines and your answers can not only help the people who have asked those questions but also readers who may not have asked anything but simply found your solution worth trying.

All that these forum websites and Quora type websites do is that they provide you visibility in front of the audience that needs your solution. Your solution will act like a paracetamol for the needy and they will instantly try out your solution. Thus helping you build a list of highly qualified leads and thus customers in their journey ahead.


These were few of the best lead generation strategies that you can involve your business development strategy. More leads are indicative of more customers and thus more business development.

Hope that this helps you take charge of your sales strategy too!







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