Email Extractor Online is a very easy to use Email Lead Scraping Software.

How to use email extractor online software

Email lead generation has become a very complicated process because of the recent surge in competitors gaining market share across various business verticals.

To help marketers and business owners focus on their sales, we leverage the role of automation in capturing email prospects from platforms like Linkedin.

Our Email Extractor Online software is a simple yet very efficient lead capture tool that collects name, email addresses, job position, current company etc based on few parameters specified by you.

If you give a visit to our Email Extractor Demo Page, you will see few parameters to be specified by you.

These parameters are as follows:

  1. Job Title: To target your audience you can choose a specific job role from a list of 60 job positions in our tool.
  2. Locations: To further narrow down your audience, you can choose a maximum of 3 locations at a time. We have already provided a list of all the USA states. But if you want to search for a location that's not in our list, then simply type that location in the location search bar and hit enter. Your specified location will be added to the query.
  3. Business Industry: This parameter is useful if you want to get leads for a specific interest or industry. It's an optional parameter. You can leave it blank if you don't wish to narrow your leads.

Based on the above parameters that you specify, our tool will generate a list of queries. From those queries, it will capture leads across the net for you.

We recommend that you make your audience specification as broader as possible. Narrow audience will result in less quantity of leads.

Consider this audience example:

A search for Entrepreneurs situated in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles would look like this:

Tutorial Example Email Extractor Online


Once you have entered your search parameters, simply click on start button and let the software automatically fetch and capture targeted email leads for you.

Within few minutes, the software will fetch you 1000s of targeted email prospects. These prospects can become your potential customers when you email them through a bulk email marketing platform such as Sendgrid or Mailchimp.

Also, since our software is able to capture names and exact job positions of prospects along with email addresses, you can personalize your emails to target them even more.

An email starting with "Hey NAME," converts far more than just "Hey!".


Get started with your free demo account today and see if our solution could be of value to your business.






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