Date: 3 December, 2019

Before we dive straight up into how to nurture leads, let's understand what lead nurturing even means:

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Let's consider an analogy for example:

You are on a dating app (say Tinder). You see several profiles that pique your interest. Consider these profiles as your prospects. You are interested in them and you think they'd be interested in you as well. So they are your prospects. And what do you do with a prospect on Tinder? You swipe right!

Yes, you swipe right and then you wait until the other person swipes you right as well. Now when you both have liked each other, you are able to communicate. Consider this part as lead generation. The other person is your lead since they have shown some interest in you.

Now the fun begins! You start talking to them, ask them about their likes/dislikes, what interests them, if they'd want to meet you in person. This particular part can be considered as lead nurturing. You are communicating with them and projecting your values/interests in front of them. Knowing them more. Planting seeds for forming a relationship.

That's what lead nurturing is all about. You create a level of personal relationship with your leads over email and try to understand their requirements to serve them in the best way possible by you.


Just like your Tinder profile is good to bring the prospect in but not to start the relationship, similarly having a flashy website and some sort of social media presence isn't going to help you much in closing that prospect.

Each sale is like exchange of trust. As a customer, whenever you purchase something, you trust the salesperson or their company with your money considering that they won't cheat you off of it. So you take a bet and buy their service. But that bet is based on certain level of trust which that salesman formed with you. They want to be sure that they are not going to be scammed or get their time wasted.

Similarly in doing a sale over the email, as a sales person you need to form solid level of trust with your leads and show them the way towards closing by understanding them and their requirements. You need to be the biggest servant in order to be the biggest sales person.

Lead nurturing involves all the methods of forming that solid trust level between you and your lead. As mentioned above, the goal of lead nurturing is to build a deeper level of trust and relationship with your lead, before pushing a sale onto them.

It’s important to remember that these leads are still looking into information, doing research and maybe talking to your competitors at the same time to get the best deal.

So, below are few tips on how to nurture leads effectively:


1. Don't send out daily emails or followups:

First and foremost you need to maintain a strict rule about not sending daily followups to your leads. You don't want to be seen as desparate or spammy by your leads. Rather it should be the opposite.

You can setup an email lead nurturing schedule in your calendar and follow that schedule as a ritual.

Your leads may also want some time after every email of yours to digest all the information that you pumped in down their throat.

If you don't maintain a gap of say a week or two then don't bother loosing out on your well earned subscribers quickly.


2. Create your email content focused on your lead's pain points:

The last thing that you can do is to send out email blasts to people who are not even bothered to open up your email because it doesn't relate to them or their needs. You'd only end up seeing lower open rates and higher unsubscribe rates.

Let's consider another example:

Let's say you purchased a diamond ring from a jewellery store last year and now it's again that celebration time of the year. You'd again be looking for gifts for your close ones. A diamond necklace for your fiance or girlfriend would be the best fit you think. And to your suprise, you receive an email from the same jewellery store telling you to run quickly and come to their store because they have 35% OFF on all of their products just for today. What will you do? You'd run. Towards the store of course. And buy that diamond necklace in an impulse purchase. 

Did you see what just happened?

You received an email at the right time with the content that mattered to you and you just bought it in impulse.

This is what happens when your emails are targeted towards the needs or pain points of your leads. You get sales. From people who trust you. 

Same thing happens when you send out emails to people with content and subject lines focused on how you or your solution can solve their problems. You get to turn leads into conversions with effective email content.


3. Personalize the content:

What have you done whenever you have received an email which didn't call out your name in the first line? You either ignored it or just sent it to Junk folder. 

Same will happen with your email if you don't personalize it. 

Tailoring each email to the interests and behavior or even name and demographics of your leads and prospects, makes it resonate much more.

Your email shouldn't appear to be an email blast or an automatically generated email. 

Personalized emails are most important at two stages of the lead nurturing process. The beginning where you form the relationship and gather initial interest and then at the closing of a sales cycle where you need to show them that you are trustworthy and they are not talking to a bot for that matter.

Few ways to personalize your emails could be:

  1. Write their name in the beginning of the email
  2. Incorporate details about their company, designation or location
  3. Segment your email lists to better target specific interest groups or demography based groups


4. Educate your leads:

Consider this as a fact that nobody ignores free education. Whenever you enlighten someone with information, they'd either disagree with you or agree with you and start trusting your understanding of the solution or industry.

One of the most crucial steps in closing the sales cycle is educating your prospects and giving them the information they need in their current state of the buyer's journey.

So before showcasing your education levels to your prospects, understand at what stage is your prospect. Are they at the beginning of the sales cycle or are they mature in that chain? The less mature is your prospect, the more you can focus on educating them and guiding them with how your solution will magically solve all the problems in their life.

To start educational campaigns, begin with making them aware of the market that you are playing in and how they can participate in that market. Include blog articles related to their interests. Provide them with latest trends and industry statistics.

The next step would be to bring them to a webinar where you'll talk about your product and how it will act as a part of the solution for them.

Then comes the decision making phase, where you will show them your customer feedbacks, success stories and product reviews.

That's how you win over your prospects and convert them into leads.


5. Score your Leads:

You need to keep a check on your leads and understand which ones are going to convert and which are just silent wanderers. You want to invest all of your limited energy and resources on the ones who you think will convert.

The scoring can be dependant on several factors such as CTRs or Open rates or how they responded and if they went through a CTA on your landing page, etc.

Double down on those hot leads and bring them home as a sale!


Last but not the least, focus on capturing qualified email leads in the first place. You don't want to be spread all over the place. You want a quality list that you can target to. Now it can come either through:

and many more..

So experiment with various lead generation channels and see whichever works out best for you in terms of costing and time.

Hope these 5 methods would help you nurture a stronger relationship with your potential leads and help you convert them quite easily. Keep your focus on the basics.






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