Date: 22 August, 2019

How to find someone's email address? Hmm! Looks like a tough task. But we'll somehow manage a solution! Let's figure out.

How to find someone's email address


Finding an email address can be tricky if you're not aware of where to begin. If you know atleast basic details about the person you are trying to find email for then the process becomes a child's play and is super easy to work upon.

So, here we are about to discuss strategies for finding email address of an individual (If you want to capture bulk email addresses then scroll down to 5th strategy):

1. Find email address on Social Media Platforms:

Many a times people post their email address on their Social media profiles such as Linkedin profile, Instagram and Facebook profile.

As you can see in the image below, the blurred section is the email address of the person. Let's say you wanted to approach this artist, then a simple search of their name on google would bring in their Instagram profile where they have added their email address for contacting them. Simple!

How to find email address on social media


So if you know who you want to approach then the first approach should be to simply search for them on Google and go to their listed profile that pops up in Google search results.


2. Find email address in White Pages and Other Email Directories:

Internet is full of email repositories where you can search for a person and capture their email address.

WhitePages is one of those websites that lets you access email records based on Name and Postal code search. But it's many a times geographically limited and may not give you the right results as there could be 2 people named John in same area. Then who is the one you wanted to target? Thus this solution is not always recommended. But you can definitely find decent results a lot of the times.

White pages email address lookup tool


For finding the email of a business, you may want to explore Yellow Pages. Similar to white pages, but for businesses. Yellow pages houses millions of business records that can come in handy for you.


3. Use search engine search tricks to find email address:

Google has all the data you ever need. So finding an email address on Google can be easy when you know how to use Google search properly.

As you can see in the image below, we have blurred out the email address that Google popped up in its search results. But if you look at the google search bar in the image, you'll see that our search included all the keywords that could have helped us get our email address.


Find email address on google search


We added the name, the keyword "email" in double quotes. Double quotes make sure that the keyword is coming in all the search results. Then AND keyword to make sure that the string that follows AND keyword is prominent in all the search results. The last keyword being part of the email address which is "".

The more keywords you can enter to search for an email address, the more likely you are able to find that email lead. So you need to know about who are you searching for, where they work, what's their job title etc to get better results.


4. Guess the Email address:

At most of the companies and organizations, there is a structured way of creating an email for the employee. Some companies follow the rule that there needs to be only firstname prior to domain name in the email address. Which makes the email look as:

While some may follow or So an email address for Miranda Nova working at XYZ corp, may look like

You can guess and create 5-10 different email patterns then search for them online on tools like or an email ping test service such as Verify email. They can help you validate if the email address you figured out were correct i.e. if the email address exists and is active or not.

Once you are clear about which email is correct, you can email them right away!


5. Use Email extractor online to find email addresses in bulk:

Let's assume that you are not looking for a particular person's email address and instead you are looking for a bulk amount of email addresses that fall in your particular target interest, then you may use tools such as Email extractor online for finding bulk email addresses instantly.

If you wanted to find all the email leads of CEOs who are in New York, then the email extractor tool would capture email leads for you on automation from various web resources and within a matter of few minutes you would have a list of 1000s of email leads that fit your desired profile.

Finding individual email addresses can take huge amount of time and effort if you are building a cold email list. Such a tool can automate this task effortlessly for you can capture quality email leads on automation for you.

All that is required from your end is to enter your targeting fields such as Job titles, locations (if any) and a keyword such as their work industry to get more targeted results.

If you plan to build a rock solid email list of 1000s of email prospects for your business development then why not purchase the email extractor online pro pack? Get 50% Discount today. Use Coupon code: PRO50 to unlock the offer in your email extractor online dashboard.

Hope these strategies help you find email addresses quickly, so that you can focus on work that matters.





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