Date: 26 August, 2019

If you are keen about email marketing then you must be knowing what an email extractor software does. If not then no problem, we are here to give a deeper understanding about what is an email extractor online tool and how can you use it to benefit your email marketing/business development process.

What is email extractor online software?


What is Email Extractor Online Software?

Email Extractor Online is an email prospecting tool that searches websites, web directories and lead hubs to capture bulk email addresses for you.

It's a tool that saves you time and effort by automatically collecting 1000s of email prospects for you from online sources, which can be exported as a CSV file. The captured email prospect includes name and the company they work at, as well.

Let's say you have a task to collect business leads from Linkedin. Earlier, you would have search for a target profile on Linkedin and then gone to each of the prospective profiles. But using email extractor online software, you don't need to invest this much effort as the software does that automatically for you and builds a solid prospect list quickly.

Thus, saving you huge amount of time and money.

We have served over 250 customers with our software solutions and some of our premium customers have reported a rise of 31% in their business revenues by closing deals with cold leads generated using our email extractor software.


Who should use Email Extractor Online?

Since email extractor online is in short an email prospect capturing software that helps in automated lead capturing to grow your business and sales, it will be of best use to you if you plan to do linkedin lead generation or if you work in one of these areas:

  1. Sales Executive / Sales Representative
  2. Email/Digital Marketer
  3. Chief Marketing Officer
  4. Entrepreneur
  5. B2B Business Owner


Why should I use Email Extractor Online? 

If you are a sales executive or are involved with digital marketing process, then you would be able to understand the need of qualified leads on a regular basis for business development. Without qualified email or phone leads, it's very difficult to close a sale. Specially when your product caters to a B2B customer profile.

In the whole process of lead generation, generating qualified leads comes at the last stage. Before qualifying a lead or generating a qualified lead, you need qualified prospects i.e. a list of people who are likely to purchase your product or service, and before having qualified prospects you need to have a target market ready in your mind.

Let's consider an example where our product is targeted to a customer profile such as Founders of companies who are present in New York. So there can be millions of founders across the planet. But a targeting for new york would be beneficial for us as we believe our product caters to CEOs in New York only and targeting a small but focused audience has high chances of converting into a customer.

So, that audience becomes our target market. Now we figure out ways to capture data for this target market, so we can approach them either over a call or an email. Email marketing has a proven track record for highest conversion rate across all the digital marketing channels. So it'd be great if we are able to capture emails of prople who fall in our target audience. 

At this stage, comes the need of a tool that can either help us acquire these emails through the business website or through direct prospect capturing method.

There are prominently 2 ways to bring targeted audience to our website or landing page:

  1. We can bring targeted audience from social media ads to our website and then use email subscription tools on the landing page, such as Optinmonster and Icegram to collect interested visitor's email address for further follow ups. The people signing up for your newsletter and services on website are genuinely interested in your service, thus they are highly qualified leads and you can approach them via email newsletters to gauge their interest for converting into customer. If they are interested then you can offer them a discount they can't resist and thus that would be a way of converting your leads into customers.

  2. Second method would be to use prospect capturing and email list building tools such as email extractor online that scrape the web resources to capture email prospects that fall in your targeted niche. This method can be fairly quick because in a matter of few minutes, the software will populate 1000s of email prospects that fit your targeting. You can export that prospect list as a CSV. Then use email marketing platforms such as SendGrid and Mailshake to send out personalized emails with the option to opt-out in case they don't want further emails from you.


If you send highly specific and relevant emails to the captured email prospects, they would show interest by either signing up on your website or replying back with some sort of a question to take the conversation forward. They will be your hot leads and you will have to close them as soon as possible. This method can be the most cost-effective for closing sales quickly.


How can I use Email Extractor Online?

Using email extractor online is a very easy task. Once you have successfully signed up on our website, you'd receive 100 credits in your dashboard for demo. You can start using those credits by clicking on the "extract leads" button in the dashboard. Click on that button and you'd be taken to our app page.

On the app page, you'd see few parameters to specify your target audience. These search parameters are:

  1. Job Title
  2. Country (Optional)
  3. City (Optional)
  4. Keywords (Optional)

How to use email extractor online software


Job title is to specify a job role of your target prospects such as marketers, CMOs, CEOs etc.

Country and City location targeting helps specify audience geographically.

Keywords help specify a particular industry that you want to target, for example: CEOs of Food businesses in New York. Here "Food" will be the target keyword. Similarly it can be fashion, automobile etc.. You can add more keywords separated by comma.

Based on your search criteria, the software starts exploring web resources that match your target profile and then captures all the email prospects that fall in your targeting. Within a matter of few minutes, the software pops up 1000s of targeted email prospects in front of you that you can export as a CSV file and start targeting using an email marketing solution.


Few aspects to consider while doing prospect generation:

All you have to focus on is to capture quality email prospects before you can start the conversation with them about your product. By quality here, I mean several parameters that you need to keep in check, such as:

1. Email addresses need to be valid i.e. they should actually exist. You don't want invalid emails in your list as that would increase your bounce rate. Higher bounce rate results in more emails going in spam. So make sure the emails are valid. Use tools like email-checker or verify-email to validate your captured email lists.

2. They must be in your targeted profile. If they don't fall in your specific niche then you'd end up sending emails to people who won't show any interest and it will just be a waste of your time to send emails to them. For example, you don't want CTOs in your list of CEOs.

3. Make sure you have name along with every email captured. The best part about email extractor online tool is that it captures both email and name. Name plays a crucial role in pesonalizing your emails. Without personalized emails, you won't be able to build trust with your prospects. Trust is a key factor for closing high amount of sales over the email.

These are few of the most crucial aspects of the prospect generation strategy that you need to be aware of. You can explore few lead generation softwares to capture qualified email prospects and leads for your business development process.

Hope you got a complete picture of what an email extractor online tool is and how you can make the best use of it.





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