Date: 5 August, 2019

Lead Generation software is a tool very useful for a business irrespective of how big the business or what stage is it at that time, as it helps the organization to keep up with the competition in the digital era by providing high quality leads on demand.

10 best lead generation software for sales

What is Lead generation?

Lead generation is a way of finding and contacting people who’re likely to become your customers in coming time. The people can be called as Leads. Finding these leads means finding information about them such as their name, email ID, job designation or their organization’s name. All this information can be use to start a coordial communication with them over an email or a phone call.

Lead generation isn’t just about making prospects have a look at your site.

It’s also about collecting their info so you can contact those visitors, form a relationship with them and nurture them into becoming loyal customers in the long journey of your business. Creating a layer of mutual trust between you and your nurtured leads will pave the path for a successful business.

A business can generate leads in various ways to get the desired results and win in their respective industry. It can be done through organic methods, running ads on different websites or through a lead generation software.

A lead generation software automates the process of finding or attracting these email leads online. It gathers the above mentioned lead information to find new user profiles for your business and then you can use various other email/sms softwares to stay in contact with them. 

Some lead generation softwares come along with CRM integration for easy management of leads while some only focus on lead generation and the rest needs to be taken care of by you or your team.

Lead generation softwares save you a whole lot of effort and time that goes into repeated tasks such as lead generation. That time can be invested in other important tasks such as crafting high converting marketing campaigns.

Let us now look at 10 best lead generation softwares curated after rigorous testing and analysis!

1. Email Extractor Online

Email extractor online software

Email extractor online is a very well crafted lead capturing application designed for marketers, sales reps, business owners and early stage enterepreneurs. Focused on professional lead generation, email extractor software is one of the easiest to use software in its domain. It asks you few keywords such as Job roles and locations to target an audience. Then start the process and wait for the software to capture high quality professional email leads for you. The leads include name, designation, company along with email ID for better profiling of your prospects. 


2. Hunter

Hunter software

If you want to do a quick email search, Hunter is a very helpful tool as it precisely focuses on individual email searches. All you have to do is enter the domain of company you are looking the leads for, and it’ll find the email address pattern. Hunter also includes a confidence rating so you know if the email is likely to be right. Useful for Sales reps and Business owners.


3. Voila Norbert

Voila norbert lead generation software

Voila Norbert helps you not just find email addresses but also verify them. You can do a bulk search for prospects and you can save the results in a excel/csv format. The tool also integrates with a wide range of CRM software. That makes it easy to keep track of your lead generation efforts and to nurture the prospects easily.


4. LeadFuze

Leadfuze lead generation software

LeadFuze is a sales automation and lead generation software platform focused on Small Sales Teams. It helps create sales funnels and have more conversations with your leads. Campaign management and capturing email leads are few of the best features of this tool. Highly useful for lead generation and lead nurturing automation.


5. OptinMonster


If you are a blogger or an ecommerce website, then OptinMonster is the best lead generation software for you. It is a very well designed lead generation application that allows users to create high converting opt-in forms for websites, thus maximizing your business growth. From recognizing the growth of email list, improving website conversions to reducing cart abandonment, this solution helps in integrating with many email clients compared to its competitors.


6. LinkeLead

Linkelead software

LinkeLead is a LinkedIn focused lead capturing software. It helps in automating work in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It acts as a virtual assistant and does all the routine tasks such as mass mailing, exploring targeted profiles for you and searching new leads. The automation part saves you ample amount of time and creates target audiences specific to your needs.


7. Lead Forensics

Lead forensics software

Lead Forensics aims to solve a problem that's majorly faced by a lot of business owners, which is not able to contact anonymous people visiting your website. Lead forensics solves this problem by getting contact details for anonymous website visitors. It allows you to score these captured prospects, so you spend your time on those most likely to convert.


8. software

Another sales automation platform that focuses on solving prospect generation for you. But the fun fact is that handles both prospecting and outreach so you need not worry about which prospects are left for the outreach and which have responded or not. It takes care of all that tedious work such as capturing and verifying email prospects and then you can choose from a variety of templates for email outreach. And you can easily track data on all interactions.


9. Intercom

Intercom lead generation tools

If you want to capture leads only from your own website then use tools like Intercom. It is a well crafted messaging service for customers on your site. It allows your website visitors to interact with you or your team and get response for their queries right then and there. It not just helps with customer support and onboarding but also helps in lead capturing. As all the customers who have contacted the support centre using intercom gets added to lead list for your business.


10. AeroLeads

Aeroleads lead generation software

AeroLeads is another lead generation and lead capturing tool. It comes with a highly useful chrome extension that you can install in your chrome browser and get started with extracting email addresses and phone contacts of prospects in your targeted industry right away. Useful for business owners and email marketers.


Bonus Software:



Aeroleads lead generation software

Albacross is a B2B lead generation software that identifies your website visitors and turns them into sales leads. It provides you with extra information on companies interested in your business, it includes size, revenue, industry, demographics, and contact details of their chief decision-makers. Additionally, you will gain insights into the behavior of your website visitors, such as time spent on your website and buyer consideration stage. This functionality goes a long way toward optimizing your prospecting time.


Lead generation is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Specially if the business falls in B2B category. WIthout leads, your revenues could be non-existent. The more you invest in lead generation, the more profits will you reap.

If you don't want to use any lead generation softwares and want to focus on organic growth then I'd recommend you to explore these lead generation strategies that might help you scale your business performance in face of the ever growing market competition.







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