You are here because you are looking for a B2B Lead Generation Growth Hack for your business, right?

B2B Lead Generation Growth Hack

The biggest challenge of the industry right now is that without leads there are no clients. And getting leads has nothing to do with how presentable you are in a meeting or how much good you were while talking to prospect.

It all comes down to what value you are bringing on the table to convert that prospect into a lead.

But first we need to figure out how to capture those B2B prospects. By prospects here I mean people who fall in your target market.

Your target market may consist of all the Entrepreneurs in San Francisco. Or it could be simply be all the Chartered accountants etc.

Based on your profiling, you need to start capturing prospects.

There are 2 ways to get started with this process. And one of them is a growth hack. Let's see below the 2 methods:


1. Using a Lead Capture Solution:

If your priority is to capture prospects and leads quickly in a cost effective way then you should explore Lead capture tools such as Email Extractor Online. Such a tool is focused on extracting rich email leads in your target markets from varous web resources using google search results.

In a matter of few minutes, you can end up with 1,000+ email leads ready to be targeted in your email marketing campaigns.

This is one of the quickest growth hacks for B2B email lead generation.

See how we captured 1500+ rich email leads quickly using this tool:

As we told above, if you have leads, you can have clients.

Once you have ample amount of leads, you can start approaching them through your email marketing campaigns.

The best part about using Email Extractor online is that if offers rich data about the leads that have been captured. Rich data includes name, designation etc. With this data, you can personalize your emails. 

More personalization leads to more conversions. It also helps building the much needed trust in a cold email. Your prospect shouldn't feel that they are part of just another cold email marketing run.

Now we are going to take a look at the second option.


2. Running Social media ad campaigns:

Social media ad campaigns have always proven to result in valid and good quality leads. Since social media platforms hold almost 6500+ data points of their users, they understand what their users want and are looking for. Thus, they are the best in business when it comes to targeting and retargeting interested prospects.

If you have a big pocket for marketing then you should move forward with social media ad campaigns to capture B2B email leads.

Due to severe competition these days on social media platforms, running social media ad campaigns comes at a good price. You will find many competitiors targeting the same keywords as yours, thus the price of running an ad goes up.

But the ground reality is that if you pay more on social media, you get quality results.

You can optimize your ads with beautiful content targeted towards your itnerest market, create specific banners with tempting offers to close in on leads.

Once you have leads, again approach them via email marketing and close the deal.

It all comes down to your preferrence and priorities.

If you are looking for a cost effective lead capture growth hack solution then go ahead with emai extractor online software.

Otherwise, if you have a good budget for marketing then prefer going ahead with social media ads.

Hope this helps you get clarity on what exactly you are looking for.

Always remember: Without leads, there are no clients.






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