Date: 24 September, 2019

Email finder tools are very helpful in building your prospect email list.

Best b2b email finder tools


Many a times would you come across a need to target an audience in a particular demography or people working at a certain position such as an email list of CEOs from New York or even a particular CEO from a company that you came across on LinkedIn. But often does it happen that we are unable to find their emails or a way to approach them online.

In such situations, a software such as a B2B email finder tool can come very handy as they help you acquire the data you are looking for. It does all the searching, discovering and automating the prospect capturing processes for you.

You may even come across a need to specifically find emails from linkedin. Even in that case there are highly targeted softwares that you can benefit from. Specially when you know that your prospects are in front of you and all you need is a way to connect with them as it can bring potentially great amount of business for you.

Even in today's time, email works like a charm for contacting people with a valuable proposition. According to a study, on an average a person opens up their inbox almost once an hour in their working day. So the likelihood of your message getting viewed and it getting a response is very high. Also it's professional and you are not breaking someone's privacy. Unless you are spamming which you shouldn't do. Always follow CAN-SPAM act guidelines while sending cold email outreach campaigns.

So, let's explore some of the most useful B2B email finder tools that can help us get hold of the email addresses of our prospects individually as well as in bulk.


Here are 9 Best B2B Email Finder Tools:


1. Email Extractor Online

Email Extractor Online is an immensely useful tool in capturing bulk email prospects. If you know where your prospects are present and what job role your prospects have, then this tool can find 1000s of qualified email addresses from public domains and social media platforms which falls in that specific targeting within minutes.

Email extractor online email finder tool


As I mentioned above, for instance if you are looking for CEOs in New York, then email extractor online can capture highly qualified email prospects for you and automatically build a targeted email list for your email marketing campaigns.

How to use Email extractor online


Sign up for free and receive 100 free email credits. Email Prospect lists can be exported as CSV files. Credits can be purchased as per requirement and there's no monthly commitment required.


2. Find That Lead

Find that lead has a great option to search for prospects using their company's URL. Simply enter the company URL and you will find the email address of almost all the people that work there.

Find that lead email finder tool


They even have their own chrome extension that helps with finding the email address of a prospect by simply visiting their Linkedin Profile. Also it doesn't just stop there, it also shows a percentage with each email address reflecting a confidence scrore of how accurate the email is. 


3. is a sales acceleration platform that helps you capture valid emails from the Linkedin profiles and pages of your prospects and allows you to export them to your favorite CRM. email prospector tool

Finding your prospect's email is very simple with Simply install the chrome extension in your chrome browser and then visit your prospect's linkedin page. You'd now see an additional option on their page called as "Get Email". Simply click on that button to find your prospect's email. You can collect 100s of emails and then export them to Salesforce, Zoho etc.


4. SellHack

Sellhack is a sales prospecting tool. Without any fluff it simply helps you acquire email prospects from public domains that are available.

Sellhack sales prospector


You only need to enter the name of your prospect with their company website and you are all set. It will find and bring you the desired prospect's email with a very high accuracy. They even have a chrome extension which works in a similar way to

Plans start from as low as $3/month for 100 credits.


5. Find Emails

Find email's email finder solution creates countless email finding patterns and validates which email is accurate with its own internal email verification solution.

Findemails email finder tool


First name, Last name and Company website is all you need with Toofr to extract the emails of your prospects with blazingly fast speeds. Toofr even provides a confidence meter for every email it finds for accuracy validation.

Toofr's plans start from $19/month.


6. SignalHire

Signalhire is another useful email finder tool dedicated to hiring solutions. In short it's a talent sourcing platform that extracts your desired prospects email address from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

SignalHire email prospector tool


It comes with a chrome extension to make the process even more easier. The best part about this tool is that it not only brings out emals but also provides their social media profile link, skype ID, phone number if available.

Their plans start from $39/month and you can get a discount if you purchase their annual package.


7. Snovio

Snovio is a dedicated chrome extension based email finder tool that pulls out details such as name, company name, job role along with the email of your prospect. Their chrome extension is very easy to use and requires very minimal effort to get started.

Snovio email finder tool


Using their platform you can directly send emails to the captured prospects. They even have a marketplace on their website to help freelancers and marketing experts connect with businesses and employers.

Their plans start from $19/month. In their free tier, you get 100 credits free.


8. Anymail Finder

Anymail finder is one of the best email finder tools in the market. Not just because it helps you find individual emails of your prospects but also helps you build bulk email lists. 

Anymail email finder tool


The tool works on guessing the email address of your prospects when you enter their name and company domain. Anymail finder goes through billions of webpages to find emails for you. It charges you only for the valid emails. Their paid plan starts from $18/month and they offer 20 emails in free plan.


9. LeadMine

Leadmine is a powerful lead generation tool that helps you find your prospect's email address along with their indepth information such as job title, location, company and much more. The qualified email prospects with all their information can be exported to a CSV with a simple click.

Leadmine email finder tool


In their free tier, you get 10 credits per month. Their paid plans start from $29 per month.


These were some of the most useful and reliable set of B2B email finder tools. If you think that there's a software missing from this list then why not let us know through a simple email at






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